Innovative audio technology and high-end lighting


Innovative audio technology and high-end lighting


The RAIL system was born to create the most effective, elegant pro audio solution with a comfortable high quality light that can solve new challenges designers and architects face where light and sound are both essential to the project.

Dynamic Pro Audio 
RAIL features 3 full-range cone drivers by K-array built to provide a powerful
blend of low and high frequency.

Pure Lighting Technology 
This streamlined 1.2m product consists of a linear LED, developed in co-operation with LED manufacturer Nichia, combined with an aluminium coated MicroSilver® parabola available in various optic configurations. 

This new kind of LED lighting can provide a full color spectrum, with high CRI. 

Some of these optics were studied to bring high visual comfort reaching optimum UGR levels.

RAIL Technical specifications

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Uniform continuous sound emission

• Super even coverage

• The perfect soundscape

• 3 x 1”x 5” woofers per module

• Full-range sound emission for BGM

• Possibility to combine with an ultracompact K-array subwoofer
(for more information on subwoofers visit the website:


Rail has 4 combinations of different optics: symmetrical, symmetrical + optical spot, asymmetrical, diffused and the possibility of housing a low voltage electrified track with projectors. 


UGR guaranteed

The symmetrical optic has a blade emission, therefore along the C0 plane it is very narrow, while on the C90 plane it has a wider opening. It is the perfect option for workplaces thanks to the UGR <19 along the C0 plane that illuminates the space lengthwise in a homogeneous and uniform manner.

The symmetrical optical + optical spot combination is the best proposal for environments that require a controlled UGR. The optical spot has a particular eyelet structure and a highly concentrated light beam with UGR <19 


Multiple installation systems are available to demonstrate the ultimate flexibility of RAIL including: recessed, semi-recessed, ceiling, suspended and applique. 

The ceiling, suspended and wall-mounted versions can also provide indirect lighting with a constant color temperature or RGB+W light. Where audio is crucial, all the mounting options guarantee optimal sound diffusion, including the recessed version that provides a small gap on each side of the RAIL which has been designed and studied in detail in order not to compromise the acoustic performance.

Recessed installation USER MANUAL

Semi recessed installation USER MANUAL

Suspended installation USER MANUAL




Compose RAIL according to your needs with other mounting options including the L-corner and T-shape for a complete system setup.