KSCAPE's RAIL Achieves UL Certification, Pioneering Safety Standards for Integrated Architectural Lighting and Audio Systems

K-array Group and KSCAPE proudly unveils RAIL, a revolutionary 4-foot architectural light seamlessly integrated with professional audio, now officially UL certified under the safety standard UL. This groundbreaking certification, achieved in December 2023 positions RAIL as a pioneer in meeting the stringent safety requirements for lighting systems and combining it with professional audio as one complete system. A first of its kind for UL solutions.

The certification underscores RAIL's adherence to the highest safety standards, affirming its compatibility with the latest safety regulations and guidelines in the USA and Canada. By obtaining this certification, RAIL ensures not only the integration of cutting-edge technology in architectural lighting but also a commitment to providing a secure and reliable solution for professionals in the industry.

Fiorella Riccardi, Product Manager at KSCAPE, expressed appreciation for UL Solutions' support, stating, "Achieving UL certification represents a significant milestone for KSCAPE, as it confirms the attainment of high safety standards in the United States and Canada for our systems. Rail stands out as a cutting-edge product as it aims to provide integrated solutions not only from a technological standpoint but also in terms of safety. Collaborating with the UL team to ensure these standards has been and continues to be an honour, as it allows us to develop a product that is always forward-looking. Rail is not just a product, but a compelling experience of emotions''.

"RAIL's UL certification marks a significant achievement for the K-array Group and KSCAPE. This milestone reaffirms our dedication to delivering K-array technology integrated into architectural lighting. I am thrilled to see RAIL recognized as a pioneer in meeting the safety standards set by UL, positioning it as an innovative solution for the AV and lighting industries. RAIL is not just a product; it's a testament to our passion for creating advanced audio experiences through technology." - Rusty Waite, President of K-array USA

This certification underscores KSCAPE’s position as a trusted choice for professionals seeking excellence in integrated lighting and audio systems.