Intermark Announces All-In-One AudioLight Solution KSCAPE to their Portfolio of New Brands

Intermark is pleased to announce a partnership with KSCAPE for the distribution, on the Italian market, of RAIL, a new all-in-one solution combining high quality light and pro audio sound for installation in a variety of applications.
The RAIL system was born to create the most effective, elegant pro audio solution with a comfortable high quality light for new challenges designers and architects face when light and sound are both essential to the project.

RAIL provides a selection of direct light distribution including Symmetric, Asymmetrical, Mini Spot and the popular Electrified Track where third party spots can be integrated. It provides a unique solution for main contractors, integrators and designers when both quality sound and light are essential without compromising on either.

"We are delighted to announce this new collaboration with  Intermark for the representation of the KSCAPE brand in the Italian market. KSCAPE is a fresh and sophisticated brand born thanks to many years of research and experience in the professional audio world. We have seen in Intermark a solid and authoritative partner, able to grasp the values ​​and high potential of the brand, as well as an ideal partner for commercial development in the corporate, educational and governative market.”
Vieri Parrulli - KSCAPE Sales Manager