The RAIL system was born to create the most effective, elegant pro audio solution with a comfortable high quality light for new challenges designers and architects face when light and sound are both essential to the project.


RAIL features 3 full-range cone drivers by K-array built to provide a powerful blend of low and high frequencies while providing continuous super even sound coverage of 100 degrees. Perfect for background music or video conferencing.


This streamlined 1.2m architectural light consists of 360 industry leading LEDs guaranteed to provide over 60,000 hours of life, combined with an aluminium coated MicroSilver® parabola available in various optic configurations. This kind of LED lighting can provide a full color spectrum including Tunable white, with high CRI. Some of these optics were studied to bring high visual comfort reaching optimum UGR levels.        


plug n play

Thanks to Casambi's low energy bluetooth onboard you can control RAIL for all your lighting needs without extra wires while K-array's cloud based amplifiers provide easy solutions for your audio choice. Ready to use or plug in to your smart building automation system. DALI also available.

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24V vs 48V : the battle of the Titans

RAIL is now available in both tensions 24V and 48V.


24V lighting products are more commonly used and are often employed in standard residential or commercial applications. They require specific power supplies to adjust the voltage to the level needed for the product.

48V products are more suitable for applications where greater efficiency is required or where energy losses need to be minimized. They offer advantages in terms of cable length and energy efficiency


Multiple installation systems are available to demonstrate the ultimate flexibility of RAIL including: recessed, semi-recessed, ceiling, suspended and applique.
The ceiling, suspended and wall-mounted versions can also provide indirect lighting which is available in constant color temperature, tunable or rgbtunable. 

Where audio is crucial, all the mounting options guarantee optimal sound diffusion, including the recessed version that provides a small gap on each side of the RAIL which has been designed and studied in detail in order not to compromise the acoustic performance.








RAIL is available in Tunable White (2700-5000K) as a Direct light, Indirect light or Both


If you want to play with colors, it's possible to choose between all the colors in the wheel of the 

Indirect RGBTunable light.


Rail has 3 combinations of different optics: Symmetric, Asymmetric, Diffused and the possibility of housing a low voltage electrified track 24V with Projectors. 

All the available optics can be combined with the Diffused Indirect Light