More than just an architectural light, this system can sing too.

Discover RAIL S, KSCAPE's latest innovation that seamlessly blends light and professional sound powered by K-array. Unveiling initially as a versatile track system, RAIL S combines a 4ft (1.2m) linear architectural lighting system with integrated projectors, changeable optics, and superior audio—all within a sleek design that respects the architect's vision.




An incredible sound experience, without compromising the design.

Experience professional audio excellence powered by K-array Audio Technology with a minituarized point source loudspeaker that defies its discreet dimensions. Boasting a wide coverage of 140° x 140°, a frequency response from 500 Hz to 18 kHz, and a peak SPL of 86 dB, it delivers uncompromised audio performance and a distinctive audio characteristic for RAIL S.




A dynamic solution, even at scale.

RAIL S is meticulously crafted for Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Museums, Education and Corporate Workplaces. Its compact design and scalability simplify installations, making it perfect for large-scale projects. The cost-effective advantage of a single product handling both audio and lighting enhances its appeal across sectors, providing immersive experiences without compromise.




Control your way

For a complete experience with RAIL, it’s recommended to use the K-ARRAY Kommander series amplifiers and the K-ARRAY Rumble or Truffle subwoofer. You can connect to K-array's software apps and control the lighting with Casambi. All easy to download to your phone or device and create the set up you like easily.




RAIL offers smart wireless control through Casambi Bluetooth technology for a more efficient management of the systems features. Users have the option to control RAIL via smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, or even traditional switches with slight modifications.



The K-array Connect mobile app, available for Android and iOS, offers a fast interface for setting and controlling device features over WiFi. Easily connect to a K-array device's built-in hotspot by scanning the QR code and start tuning!



Accessible from any browser, K-array’s versatile Web App offers users access to all system features and full control over DSP functions. Including signal routing, equalization, delay, pre-sets and operating system parameters.

Project and Applications