Visual Comfort

Visual comfort is the backbone of the workplace but what more could sound bring to the creativity, productivity and well-being of your workforce?

Among the variety of optics available for RAIL, two have been carefully studied with controlled UGR to meet the demanding environment of the modern workplace. Optics that can restore the right visual comfort and the correct liveability of the work spaces to the environments. 

This comforting aesthetic matched with high performing soundscapes to improve focus and health makes RAIL a on-of-a-kind solution to elevate your office design and brand consideration.

Benefits Of Scale

A simulation of RAIL (when compared to a scalable solution of ceiling speakers and separate comparable light fixtures) has proven significant savings on wiring, shipping, labor, product costs and has proven to be 35% more energy efficient. The combination of audio and light into one high quality solution also means that there is a more streamlined service for project design, installation and maintenance.


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