Cultural and Public Spaces

Colors and sound

Among the features that make Rail a high-level product, there is the high CRI, greater than 90, which allows this product to be installed in heritage, museum and public environments where color rendering is a necessity.

The return of vivid color and sound diffusion are the characteristics that make Rail the perfect product to be inserted in these spaces.

"The natural light in Montauk was our inspiration for the lighting system - it is really what makes this area so special and what we aspired to capture but, in a traditional barn, the goal was to achieve a solution that was versatile and could be tailored to the needs of the wide variety of artwork we will exhibit. K-array provided us with extreme latitude in adjusting the lights for the changing demands of the lighting conditions each unique body of work requires. "

Furthermore “The lighting is, of course, critical in allowing a work of art to shine and exemplify the small surface details that might be hard to see. One thing I was struck by was the way that the lights brought out elements of paintings I'm extremely familiar with but had not seen under other conditions."

Max Levai, Forbes “One To Watch” Art Dealer USA

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